Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE) is a core priority at IPT. We maintain the top international HSE standards in our operation to ensure the safety of our team, customers, and society. Our strategy is not to only follow standards, but to embody the importance of HSE in our daily operation and integrate it with our vision as we grow.  

Ongoing efforts on site & through our operations 

. Our terminal operators adhere to the highest standards of policies and procedures revised constantly as IPT grows. 
. The terminal operators and drivers undergo regular training to ensure continued compliance of safety guidelines, making sure they are well equipped to handle any potential hazard they might encounter on the job. 
. To ensure the capability and readiness of our staff at all times, we undergo regular maneuvers and drills on site.  
. We have devised an emergency response plan in our terminal to ensure the protection and wellbeing of the team.  

Adherence of our capabilities to the top standards 

Our tanks are equipped with foam chambers to eliminate the fuel-air contact, water rings to cool the nearby tanks and water monitors in case of fire outside the tanks area. 
Our trucks are approved by the Civil Defense and are tailored made with the best technology to ensure safety and accuracy in deliveries.
Our trucks and storage tanks are equipped to prevent fuel and chemical spillages, reducing impact on the environment.


Our tankers are approved by Civil Defense and comply with all safety requirements set by UAE authorities. 
Our drivers hold “HAZMAT License” in handling Hazardous Material approved by Civil Defense in Dubai. 
Our drivers hold a “Defensive Driving Certificate” approved by Civil Defense in Dubai.