Fuel Your Fleet

Keep your company and operations fueled up and let IPT’s expert-trained team deliver premium-quality directly to your job-site or truck fleet following the highest standards of safety. 

On-Site Fueling 
Time saving & improved productivity: we guarantee on-time delivery so you can be ready to go at any time
. Avoid having your fleet wait at petrol stations 
. Reduce your fleet’s transit time and ensure that your fleet is ready to go at any time (maximize operations’ efficiency)

Proven expertise and highest standards of safety: 
. Precise calibration: we calibrate our tanks and trucks regularly to ensure you are delivered the right quantities 
. Expertise of our team: our drivers are Hazmat trained and comply with Civil Defense requirements and training to ensure seamless and safe operations on-site
. Source-to-vehicle: our trucks are equipped to prevent leaks and spills, reducing the impact on the environment

Guaranteed quality: premium quality diesel complying with local standards of the UAE

Smart Fueling
We teamed up with Hectronic, a pioneering solution with Swiss precision and German engineering to offer you the most competent and comprehensive fuel management solution

Secure, precise, and fast fueling
. Our nozzles will connect seamlessly with an RFID tag on each truck, fueling it directly as per your requirements
. Every truck will get the assigned amount of fuel as per your requirement
. Set limits and manage fuel consumption across all your fleet
. Optimize your operations through our dashboard, with access to various reporting tools

Take control, save & optimize your fleet’s fuel spending  
. Payment plans available, whether you opt for prepaid or postpaid services
. Discounts when you sign longer-term contracts
. Loyalty point system