Diesel Gas Oil 10 PPM 

We supply premium quality, low sulfur automotive diesel fuel for highspeed diesel-powered engines, generator sets and other industrial applications.

Our 10 parts per million (ppm), low Sulfur diesel follows the latest international requirements in environmental and quality standards and complies with the Emirates Authority for Standards & Metrology (ESMA) UAE.S 477:2013 diesel (Gas Oil) specifications. 
It is a low emission, environmentally cleaner diesel fuel suitable to meet the latest European and American emission standards, including engines equipped with exhaust after treatment devices. 
This internal combustion engine burns more efficiently and is significantly less likely to burst into flames or explode than regular gasoline.
IPT provides a premium service of fuel trading and bulk delivery. You can count on us for:

Top quality & quality service 
On-time delivery
Highest safety measures
Full range, owned fleet with accurate metering





Bunker Supplies

MGO (Marine Gas Oil)
Ultra-low Sulphur for luxury boats and modern built ships
Low Sulphur (1000 ppm Max) for Eurozone bound vessels 
High Sulphur (5000 ppm Max) for general marine engines

HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)
380 CST (Sulphur Max 3.5%) ISO 8217-2010


IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil)

180 cst (Sulphur Max 3.5%) ISO 8217-2010 
Upgrading to lower viscosity is done by using only MGO 
as a dilutant