Today, Competitiveness in the Oil and Gas Industry is defined by the level of Safety, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. At IPT, we are always trying to keep up with new Technologies while enhancing our systems to keep evolving and developing to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

In order to achieve our Goals and our Vision, we collaborated with Automatix, Siemens partner in Lebanon, to launch the First Central Monitoring and Control System in the Middle East at IPT able to monitor the entire supply chain of IPT petroleum chain with full ERP connectivity.
This project offers a complete remote and accurate management and control of all IPT operations, covering the entire supply chain from the unloading of petroleum products from the ship at IPT terminal, to the distribution and storage of the products at the gas station, and the sales to the end consumer.
The entire supply chain is monitored from a central control room located at IPT Headquarters in Amchit. This ensures successful and effective inventory control and operations management at the gas station, including the authenticated synchronized price change over the entire chain and online metering of fuel dispensers, underground tanks, energy management, truck and car wash systems, etc…
Siemens has decided to include the fuel automation system initiated at IPT, by AutomatiX, as an accredited Siemens product to be showcased in its major exhibition worldwide, under the title of "Oil & Gas Automation Solution from the Refinery to the End-user at the Gas Station".The project was recently selected by Siemens as one of the projects of the year 2015 for the best automated systems out of 116 projects worldwide and was featured again in 2016 at the International Automation Exhibition in Nuremberg Germany (SPS IPC Drive) under SIEMENS booth.
IPT’s automated monitoring and control system supports the company’s strategy in offering top quality products and services and maintaining the customers’ trust through deterring fraud, improving the operations’ efficiency and ensuring higher accuracy in sales.

For more info about this project, check the below videos.