Our success story in the oil and gas industry is the result of years of hard work in which we focused on providing innovative products and services. We worked hard throughout the years to meet the growing market demand in Lebanon and deliver excellent customer service around the clock in accordance with our business ethics and culture. We succeeded in building closer connections and better communication with stakeholders. We are proud that our customers’ recommend us, suppliers seek for long-term relationships, and partners pursue for long lasting collaborations.

  • Mohamed Al Musharrakh

    Mohamed Al Musharrakh

    CEO , Invest in Sharjah
    "I am thrilled to commemorate IPT Energy, a leading force in the Lebanese energy sector with a legacy spanning over 50 years, for choosing Sharjah as its regional destination for expansion. This choice significantly reinforces the emirate's position as a preferred and sustainable hub for energy investments.

    Meeting three generations of the Issa family, the visionary minds behind the founding, growth, and expansion of IPT, was truly inspiring. Their ability to maintain originality while infusing a youthful spirit into their business is respectable.

    As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I extend a warm welcome to IPT Energy and reaffirm our commitment to supporting investors in their journey to expand and grow."