Flexibility & Customer Service Reliability 
Our storage terminal in Sharjah gives us product security and operational flexibility to fulfill your different 

Our qualified sales team readily follows your business needs and ensures you are getting premium, customized service to optimize your operations.

Our fleet is fitted with GPS tracking and monitored by a centralized control room around the clock, ensuring security and timeliness of deliveries. 

Quality Assurance

 We constantly calibrate our tanks and our meters by internationally renowned third-party companies, ensuring supply accuracy on every delivery. 

We test all our products with leading laboratories to guarantee quality before every customer delivery.

We will help evaluate your current energy set-up to adapt and upgrade it, ensuring quality throughout your operations.

Health & Safety Expertise, From Our Terminal to Your Job-Site 

Our storage terminal is fully digitized and is equipped with the highest standard, continuously pressurized firefighting system.

Our tanks are made to reduce flammable risks; they are equipped with foam chambers that eliminate the fuel-air contact, water rings that cool nearby tanks, and water monitors in case of fire outside the tanks area.

. Our terminal operators have been trained to correctly respond to any case of emergency, including fires, 
earthquakes, accidents and injuries that require first aid. To ensure the capability and readiness of our staff at all times, surprise maneuvers and drills are frequently done on site.

. Our tankers are approved by Civil Defense and comply with all safety requirements set by UAE authorities.

. Our drivers hold “HAZMAT License” in handling Hazardous Material and “Defensive Driving Certificate” approved by Civil  Defense in Dubai.