TotalEnergies Lubricants

We supply premium lubricants for automotive and industrial use, as part of the partnership agreement between TotalEnergies and IPT.



Hydraulic Oil
Very high-performance anti-wear hydraulic oils designed for use in all kind of hydraulic systems running under the most difficult conditions, such as in machine tools, mould injection machines, presses and other industrial or mobile equipment

Engine Oil
Very high-performance lubricant suitable for engines of earthmoving, construction or mining machinery from worldwide origins

Gear Oil
Mineral oils for enclosed gears. Excellent extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties. Good seal compatibility. Very good resistance to oil oxidation and degradation. Outstanding protection to rust and corrosion of copper alloys. Very good resistance to foaming and emulsion formation

Grease Oil
True multi purpose grease, formulated for lubrication of loaded slide-ball, and roller-bearings, wheelbearings, universal joints, chassis, and various shock loaded or vibrating applications in transport, agriculture and off road equipment, operating in wet,dusty and/or dry conditions. Suitable as general purpose grease for industrial applications requiring a NLGI 2 grade

It is a very long-life coolant based on monoethylene glycol and organic inhibitors of corrosion. COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C is ready for use, as it is already mixed with demineralised water