Enriching the Community

We engage with the community and drive people to reach their full potential.

For that our CSR activities include support to social, cultural, and sports initiatives, in addition to an active contribution to sustainable local development. 

1- Supporting Social Activities:

IPT is always involved in supporting social activities, charitable organizations and festivals, and is equally interested in backing-up sports and cultural initiatives for the promotion of eco-tourism, art and cultural heritage.

*The below listings are related to the year 2019-2020- 2021


Social  Cultural  Sports 

Increasing the sense of social responsibility and engagement is extremely important especially in a community where information    is becoming rich but action is becoming poor. Therefore, we always consider taking part in community activities that support social causes such as awareness campaigns, charity, fundraising and volunteering.

Bringing value to the community is one of our main goals. Thus, we never hesitate to support arts and culture that contribute to the well-being of our society and the development of creative learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                  As we are aware of the importance of sports in building stronger, healthier and happier communities, we make sure every year to support sports activities that leave a positive impact on the human body and brain.

• Bonheur Du Ciel, Karyet El-Ensen Community Card
• Philokalia Choir Community Card
• Jbeil Mayors Assembly Community Card
• The Children Cancer Center of Lebanon
• Lebanese Army Concert
• Amchit Municipality Donation Boxes
• El Ahad Mnehki Show
• Hiring Lebanese at IPT Stations
• Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation 
• The Lebanese Red Cross
• Sesobel
• Kobayat Festivals
• Cedars International Festivals
• Jounieh International Festival
• Kartaba Festival
• Lehfed Festivals
• Berbara Woman Association

• Lebanese Apples' Day
• Ramadan Live Shows
• Green Square Association
• HEAD Association
• USJ- Gala Dinner
• College Des Apotres- Annual Dinner
• Fabriano Drawing Contest
• Soobia Musical Concert- Sary & Ayad Khalife

• Outdoor Gym
• Extreme Energy Event
• Drifting Athlete Carine Kaii
• NeoField Football Tournament
• Volleyball Amchit Club
• Byblos Sporting Club

2- Contributing to Sustainable Local Development

"Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF)" was established with the objective to achieve sustainability programs in the field of local development through building capacities for self-employment and income generation locally, in addition to fostering entrepreneurship initiatives among Lebanese youth and encouraging them to get involved in the business sector as employers, and to securing jobs for fresh graduates without the need to flee to the capital or to immigrate. MIF projects and activities include: