IPT Energy offers Diesel additives to provide professional customers with engine durability, cost reduction, and an improvement in their environmental footprint. Excellium Pro Concentrate, a high-performance, multifunctional additive package supplied by TotalEnergies, is a premium fuel designed for new engine technologies. It meets increased fuel pressure demands and stringent emission standards, cleans the engine, and reduces friction losses in the fuel injection equipment. These features contribute to fuel economy and reduce CO2 and pollutants.

Adapted to biofuel content

Performs in all fuels, even with high amounts of bio sourced bases. Counterbalances all the constraints linked to the biofuel properties (eg. poor FAME oxidation stability).

-Reduce your Fuel Bill
Because engine clogging can increase fuel consumption, keeping your engine clean is crucial for efficiency.

-Reduce your Environmental Impact
Excellium Pro Concentrate helps limit polluting emissions by enhancing your engine's performance throughout its useful life. In addition, any reduction in fuel consumption directly lowers carbon emissions.

-Protect your engines and equipment's
The additives in Excellium Pro Concentrate both protect your engine's injection system and preserve your fuel storage facilities.